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Middleton Brothers Band


Charlie Middleton

Playing professionally with his brother Stan since the age of seven, Charlie Middleton is the grease in the groove. Those been-there, done-it, down-right tasty chops give Charlie the amazing feat he displays as a natural born guitarist. "Uncle Chuck's" versatility and showmanship are yet another cornerstone in this blockbuster.

Joe Abbondanza
Bass Guitar/Vocals

Twenty-four years ago he was one third of the power trio The Middleton Brothers and now has come full circle to be the bottom of a new product, something you just have to see to believe. Joe's back with the boys and the boys are back in town.

This man was abandoned by his people and was adopted by ferrets at a very early age and he was told, "if you play the bass, you'll always work!" So after the bite wounds healed he said it's time to get back to my brothers and hope all the other bad stuff has died down, I mean, can't we all just get around? Well, Joe has been around the block a couple of times now and then some!

Brian Schrom

This very talented drummer has been working with the band for over a decade. Drumming since an early age, Brian Schrom demonstrates his ability to take the band to the groove no matter what rhythmic style he's playing in. He does this time and time again, lacing subtle licks with back beat counters while continuously driving the band with style and grace.

Phil Johansen
Phil Johansen

Phil gained valuable experience when given the opportunity to play with many prominently known Central Pennsylvania bands.  The list includes: Elvis Davis Band, Hot Candy, Moon, Fat Chance, Starstruck, Silver City, Signal 21, Hyde Your Daughters, Cheap Sneakers, and the Luv Gods.  In addition to vocals, Phil plays keyboard, guitar, harmonica, mandolin, and tenor banjo. 

Phil has performed live with the Coaster's and Tommy Conwell.  While working as a studio musician, he had the chance to sing back up vocals on a Rick Derringer song.  A friend of Charlie and Joe for years, he joins them as the newest member of the Middleton Brothers Band.



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